As a seasoned roofer in the vibrant city of New Orleans, let’s delve into the world of roofing materials, specifically focusing on SBS modified (rubberized) Class 3 or 4 impact-resistant shingles. These shingles have become quite popular, and I want to share insights with you, the homeowners, about their pros and cons.
Why SBS Modified Class 3 or 4 Impact-Resistant Shingles Might Be Your Best Bet, Especially in Hurricane-Prone Areas:

Rugged Durability for Hail and Hurricanes: New Orleans weather can be unpredictable, with both hail storms and hurricanes being potential threats. SBS modified shingles are not only designed to withstand hail impact but also offer an added layer of defense in hurricane-prone areas, making them a solid choice for Gulf Coast residents.

Guardian of Protection: We know how vital it is to keep your home safe from leaks and potential roof damage, especially during hurricane season. These shingles act as a reliable shield, providing extra protection against the elements and ensuring your home and valuables stay secure.

Boost in Property Value: In a city as charming as New Orleans, curb appeal matters. Homes with SBS modified impact-resistant shingles stand out and can fetch an easier sell in this tough real estate market caused by the higher interest rates. In essence, if it’s easier to get insurance, and get low-cost insurance, then this can translate into an increased price and ease of selling the home.

Insurance Perks: Some insurance companies offer discounts for homes with these shingles, giving you long-term savings on your homeowner’s insurance – a valuable benefit in areas prone to natural disasters. Many Insurance companies, such as State Farm and Allstate, have policies that give discounts for Class 3 or 4 Impact Shingles. We have seen these discounts be anywhere from $400 – $800 per year.

Now, let’s talk about an extra layer of assurance for Gulf Coast residents – the Fortified Roof Program. Endorsed by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS), the Fortified Roof Program recognizes the importance of fortified roofing in hurricane-prone areas. Installing SBS modified Class 3 or 4 impact-resistant shingles not only makes you eligible for general insurance discounts but may also align with the standards set by the Fortified Roof Program. Achieving certification under this program emphasizes that your roof is fortified against severe weather conditions, potentially making you eligible for additional insurance discounts.

Granule Loss is King for Roofers’ Safety and Durability: As a Professional Roofer, there are few things we hate more than cheap shingles that shed granules during installation. This can make it super slippery and dangerous to walk on the roof. With lower-cost shingles, these granules can often fill the gutters up to an inch or two deep with granules after the first rain. The reason this is important to the homeowner is that the granules are the real protection of the shingle. Without the granules, ultraviolet radiation will quickly degrade the shingle’s components such as asphalt and fiberglass. The SBS rubberized shingles just hold the granules better and, therefore, will make it last much longer.

Considerations to Keep in Mind:

Budget Matters: While the benefits are impressive, let’s be real – quality comes at a cost. SBS modified shingles might be a bit pricier compared to traditional options. These shingles will install just like any other shingle, so the labor cost remains the same; But, the material cost will increase the price of the roof between $500 and $2,000 for an average-sized home, depending on the particular shingle chosen. Be forewarned, that if a roofer is saying that it would double the price of the roof to install Class 3 or 4 Impact Shingles, then he is just trying to rip you off. You should Run! At any rate, It’s an investment, so weigh the long-term benefits against the initial cost, considering the added hurricane resistance and possible insurance discounts.

Color Palette Challenges: Your home is a reflection of your style, and finding the perfect color match matters. However, these shingles might limit your color options, making it a bit challenging to find that ideal aesthetic blend.

Availability Hurdles: In the lively city of New Orleans, getting your hands on these shingles might require some special ordering. It’s essential to plan ahead and consider potential delays in the roofing installation process, but the hurricane resistance makes it a worthwhile consideration.

In Closing:

As your dedicated roofer in New Orleans, we see the appeal of SBS modified Class 3 or 4 impact-resistant shingles, especially for our unique weather challenges, including hurricanes. They offer durability, extreme protection, possible insurance savings, and even a possible boost in property value. We feel that they are just a much better shingle, and that in 10 years or so, all shingles will be SBS Rubberized Class 3 or 4 (much like the way we have adopted architectural / dimensional shingles and no longer use 3 tab shingles). Yet, it’s crucial to balance these perks against the potential hurdles – the upfront cost, limited color choices, and the need for special ordering. So, homeowners, take a moment to consider what matters most to you and your home, especially in hurricane-prone areas. Consult with us, your trusted local roofing experts, and let’s ensure that your roof not only stands strong but also withstands the challenges of living on the Gulf Coast.