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The Importance of Vinyl Siding.....

Few things are as important as the exterior cladding of a home. 

Both Vinyl siding and James Hardie Fiber Cement siding, are examples of this exterior cladding that keeps your family safe and dry from the elements. Vinyl siding is made from PVC; whereas the James Hardie Board is a fiber cement board that is made using a combination of cement, wood fibers, and sand. In New Orleans, Siding is REALLY, REALLY  important, as we face constant  threats of Hurricanes, thunderstorms, high winds etc., and receive 62 inches of rainfall annually.

At “Anything and Everything Roofing”, our siding installers & carpenters are trained using the training materials and best practices from the manufacturer. 

The installation process is  strictly monitored for Quality Control and aesthetics. We want your siding to look great and stand the test of time, making sure that you are not picking up the pieces in the yard after the next storm passes through New Orleans. And, we do both small and large siding jobs.
Vinyl Siding is a popular and affordable choice in the New Orleans area. Vinyl Siding is a durable product that requires no painting, caulking and resists fading. When installed correctly, using the proper nail patterns and attachments that will allow for proper heat expansion and contraction, Vinyl siding can offer a tough protection against storms and hurricanes. 
The Vinyl siding manufacturer brands that we install include: Certain-teed, Pro-Via and Royal Building Products. The price range for installation of new vinyl siding ranges from $4- 6 per square foot. Factors that affect the cost are: size of project, height of the project (one story or two story), complexity of project such as the number of windows and trim details, as well as the color and type of vinyl that is used.

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

 Although more expensive than Vinyl siding, James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding is by far the most beautiful and durable siding product. It has a CLASS 4 Impact Rating, which means it can withstand even the strongest storms. And because it is made from rigid fiber cement, it will never rot, and offers beautiful, clean and crisp lines to the aesthetics of your home.
James Hardie Siding comes in panel siding (4′ x 8′ sheets) or the much more popular Plank siding. The Plank siding comes in various widths such as 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″. James Hardie siding can come pre-primed ready for paint or can come with a factory paint job (ColorPlus— which is much more expensive). We typically install the pre-primed version by painting one coat of paint on the ground, and the 2nd coat once installed on the home. The corners and windows are trimmed with 1″ x 4″ Hardie Trim Boards and typically painted white. Underneath the Hardie, we also install woven house wrap and all the metal flashings that James Hardie recommends, to ensure that rain water never enters your family’s home.
Our cost to install James Hardie Fiber Cement ranges from $7 – $10 per square foot, which includes the paint (2 coats). The factors that affect cost are: size of the project, the height of the project (one story or two story home), and the complexity (windows and trim details).

Fascia Repair

We repair all types of Fascia Board issues in the New Orleans area.The Fascia is the board that goes along the roofline or outer perimeter, (think here: what the gutters attach to). This board is often the first to rot on  a home, especially if it is not covered with a good paint job, Rain Gutters or Aluminum Fascia Wrap / Cap.

Wood Fascia Repair

We typically remove and replace rotten fascia boards with grooved fascia boards that allow for the plywood soffit to tuck neatly into it, and leave a good clean look. These boards come pre-primed ready for paint and are usually made from Western pine woods that resist rotting. Our price to replace wood Fascia boards is between $8 – $12 per linear foot. Factors that affect cost are: difficulty in demolition, issues with the soffit and the height above the ground

Aluminum Fascia Wrap/Cap

Because the Fascia board is the first thing to rot on a home, it is often covered with an aluminum Fascia wrap / or cap. This Roll form aluminum or “trim coil” comes in about a dozen different colors and is then custom cut and custom bent to the exact specifications of your home. We attach the Aluminum Fascia Wrap / cap using paint trim nails. The effect of this is to add beauty and protection to your home. If Aluminum Fascia wrap is used in conjunction with Vinyl Soffit, it also offers the purpose of holding the Vinyl in place. Our price to install Aluminum Fascia wrap in the New Orleans area is between $5 – $8 per linear foot. Factors that affect cost are: size of the wrap, height above  the ground and size of the project

Soffit Repair

The Soffit is the material underneath the Eave of your home that connects the outside walls to the fascia board at roof, and can also be seen underneath a porch sometimes. Soffit material is often vented to allow the attic to breathe and can be made out of wood (plywood) , Vinyl or James Hardie Fiber Cement. Again, because of the nature of our weather in New Orleans, it is Very important that these materials be installed correctly. We repair all of these types of soffit in the New Orleans area and our cost can range from $5 – 10$ per square foot. Factors affecting cost are: material selection, difficulty of demolition, and height above ground.